ideas Mar 07



  1. Green, car start moving, leading part of the queue  with speed significantly > 0, trailing part still 0
  2. Green, cars well into moving stage, no cars with speed = 0, we can reach this stage without previous green stage (new oncoming cars hit green light timely)
  3. Green, but green is about to expire soon, and cars going to make stops (the closest cars will hit the red light)
  4. Red, new red, with a bunch of cars coming (cars still moving, and making stops soon)
  5. Red, well into red, with leading part queuing, later part still moving
  6. Red, all cars stopped.
  7. Red, but red going to expire, some coming cars don’t have to stop.

Some thoughts: to capture case 1 and 2, just use car features (with corresponding weight components of weight vector): moving queue, still queue. Again, to capture cases 4, 5, 6, just need moving queue and still queue.

Case 3, case 7: do I need more feature for it?