The ‘Don’t Drive Sleepy’ Ad That Hits Home Hard

Nice poster


Road safety advertising campaigns too often rely on shock tactics to make their point. We’ve all seen them before – the blue flashing lights, the loud bang, the blood and tears. That’s why I really love this campaign from Thai Health, which relies on a clever visual to communicate convincingly that driving when tired is a really bad idea.

All it takes is one glance to understand the point that’s been made, which means this strong, visual ad is equally perfect for the Web, print or for billboards.

Sleepiness is stronger than you. Thai Health Don't Drive Sleepy Project Sleepiness is stronger than you.
Don’t Drive Sleepy Project

This isn’t by any means a new ad, but it’s a perennial, which goes to show that great ads should work well regardless of how long they’ve been around.

Advertising Agnency: BBDO Bangkok, Thailand
Chief Creative Officer: Suthisak Sucharittanonta
Executive Creative Director: Subun KhowVasan Wangpaitoon
Creative Director: Taewit Jariyanukulpun
Copywriter: Pattarapong Lapjarupong

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